Downtown Analysis

ArLand has worked on a variety of market studies, surveys, and other projects in urban and rural downtowns in the Denver metro area including: Denver, Arvada, Englewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Loveland, and Longmont. It has also worked in small Colorado towns such as Jamestown and Lamar, as well as small downtowns in Kansas, South Dakota and New Mexico. The studies have, at times, been conducted in the context of downtown area plans, subarea plans, or Comprehensive Plans.

RiNo Park Business Case Analysis: Denver, Colorado

The City is planning for a future park on City-owned property at 35th Street and Arkins Court in the heart of the RiNo neighborhood. There are several buildings on the property that were originally scheduled to be demolished. During the course of the public process, members of the community indicated a strong desire to retain the buildings and reuse them for community benefit.

Green Space Rate Study: Denver, Colorado

Residents in the City of Denver, through a ballot initiative, voted in a mandate requiring green roofs on buildings that met a certain size threshold. The Department of Public Health and Environment was tasked with working with a stakeholder group of business leaders and environmentalists and others to develop an ordinance that would meet the intent of the initiative and yet make it workable for developers and property owners. The ordinance also allowed some additional options to meet the intent of the requirement for developers/property owners.

Multifamily Fiscal and Economic Benefits Study: Centennial, Colorado

The local jurisdiction had questions about a potential multifamily rental housing project at a key intersection in close proximity to a light rail station. Although mixed use was desirable, given the site location and configuration, as well as prevailing market dynamics, ground floor commercial tenants were not appropriate for this particular site.

1909 Historic Building Market Assessment and Business Plan: Denver, Colorado

ArLand teamed with Anderson Hallas Architects and Aaron Zaretsky on a feasibility study and business plan for the 1909 Historic Building at the National Western Center. The 2015 National Western Center Master Plan identified a future Public Market use at the 1909 Building as part of the overall redevelopment of an expanded campus. Envisioned as a public market, ArLand worked closely with Aaron Zaretsky of Public Market Development, who was formerly a Director at Seattleā€™s Pike Place market, and Anderson Hallas architects, experts in the reuse of historic buildings on the studies.