1909 Historic Building Market Assessment and Business Plan: Denver, Colorado


National Western Center

Project Lead:
Anderson Hallas Architects

Project Type:
Market Assessment, Business Plan

The Project:
The 2015 National Western Center Master Plan identified a future Public Market at the 1909 Building as part of the overall redevelopment of the expanded campus.  ArLand teamed with Anderson Hallas Architects, experts in the reuse of historic buildings, and Aaron Zaretsky, former Director of Seattle’s Pike Place market, on a feasibility study and business plan for the market in the historic building.

Our Role:
The study examined both potential demand and competitive supply and addressed the question of whether the 1909 building was appropriate to house a public market and whether the location at the National Western was an appropriate location in the City of Denver.  After analyzing the data and examining all the future potential changes anticipated for the National Western Center area, the analysis concluded that there would be sufficient demand provided additional density was added to the immediate area through the Triangle redevelopment process.  Additionally, a business plan was developed for the project which provided conceptual development costs, potential methods to close the financing gap, and an ongoing operations budget.

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