Other TOD & Mixed Use Development Projects

ArLand has worked with a number of planners, architects, and engineers in developing station area plans for jurisdictions in the Denver metro area as the light rail and commuter rail system builds out.

Other Transportation Projects

ArLand has participated with a number of teams on a wide range of transportation improvement projects where its role varies from identifying economic development potentials, the potential land use and socioeconomic impacts of the potential alternatives.

Speer Leetsdale Mobility Plan: Denver, Colorado

The City and County of Denver’s Speer/Leetsdale Mobility Study examined transportation connectivity and operational needs for travel modes within the Speer/Leetsdale Corridor — a prominent travel route for Denver residents connecting people to I-25 to the west and to I-225 to the southeast. The study evaluated different methods and modes, including driving, walking, biking, and public transit.